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Child Protection

Child Protection

Birmingham City FC is committed to protecting all young people involved in its activities and a comprehensive set of procedures exist which govern all our activities that involve under 18 year olds.

Comprehensive codes of conduct, best practice guidelines and even how allegations against our own staff must be managed are contained in the procedures so please be assured we do take safeguarding very seriously at Birmingham City FC.

Safeguarding covers all manner of abuse from physical through to bullying and the Club will not tolerate any form of abuse.

All our activities are governed by national legislation and rules outlined by the Football Association, The FA Premier League and are monitored by the Principal Children's Officer, who is also tasked to ensure our compliance to all these requirements.

The Principal Children's Officer is available to discuss any part of the safeguarding procedures should any parent or player wish to do so.

Access to the complete safeguarding procedures can be arranged at a suitable time in liaison with the Academy Administrator, Lyndon Tomlinson.

Please give us your support to protect all young people involved in football with Birmingham City FC by promising to do two things:
1 • Report any cause for concern you may have, whether it is the behaviour of a fellow staff member, parent or third party
involved with the Football Academy.
2 • Comply with our coaches code of conduct ensuring all players are treated fairly.

Codes of Conduct
Birmingham City Football Academy has developed specific codes of conduct to ensure all users of the Academy are aware of their responsibilities.