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Wade happy to remain a blue

Posted: Mon 24 Jun 2013

Wade Elliott

Image by: Roy Smiljanic

Wade Elliott says he is delighted to have signed a new deal and is 'excited' by the season ahead.

The experienced midfielder committed himself to the club for another year earlier today. 

"I’m pleased to sign for another year and I’m excited about the season ahead," said Elliott.

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"Everyone can see when a player is enjoying his football and that was one of the big reasons in me wanting to stay. I enjoyed playing at the club, I enjoyed working with the people that are here and that was at the forefront of my mind when I was thinking about this season. 

"It was also nice to be wanted by the manager; that was another big factor. The manager has been good with me and put a lot of faith in me. He understands my game and how I work and I’ve got an understanding of how he works over the last year. Having a good relationship with your manager is an important factor."

Elliott, who was Blues' second top scorer last season with nine goals from his 47 games, is hopeful that he can reproduce that same kind of form this year. 
"Sometimes it just seems to click for you and you’re in the right environment and things fall into place and hopefully I can work towards replicating that again this year."

At 34 years of age, Elliott is one of the most experienced players in the squad alongside the likes of Paul Robinson. With the way that the squad is being rebuilt by Lee Clark in terms of youth, Elliott knows that the senior players will need to help  nurture them. But it is a role he is happy to take on, as he explains: "I don’t think you think about it too much but naturally that’s something that the older players will take on board.

“The young lads are fortunate that they’re at a club where there are some good examples – with Robbo (Paul Robinson) and the other lads that they’ve been around in my time at the club. Robbo will be vocal and he’ll go in there and tell them. They also know I’m there if they ever need anything and I'll just try and guide them gently and quietly."