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Trialist trio released

Posted: Thu 25 Jul 2013
Adam McGurk

Adam McGurk has been one of three Blues trialists to play during pre-season.

Image by: Roy Smiljanic

Lee Clark admits he is disappointed not to be able to offer deals to any of the recent trialists he has had at the club.

Mark Little, Liam Davis and Adam McGurk have all impressed the Blues boss, but he says that he will not be able take things further because of financial constraints.

"We won’t be pursuing any of the trialists, and it’s not because they haven’t done well," said Clark.

"I think they’ve all shown me different aspects to their game but at this moment in time for me to be able to bring any more players into the football club; one or two players will have to go out the door now.

"I’ve explained to the three players that I think they’ve all shown that they’ve got ability in different aspects of the game. I want to give the lads the best chance as well, because the clock is ticking down.”

Although Clark is unable to do anything at the moment, he said if circumstances changed he could revisit the situation.

"If I was selfish I’d ask them to stay here and see if I can raise the funds before the window shuts by moving players out,” he added. “But that takes away from them and closes their options down.

“If someone called me about potentially taking them I would give them really positive feedback for what they’ve done. Obviously if the circumstances changed for us or if they hadn’t got fixed up there is a possibility that something could happen."