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Deputy safety officer vacancy

Posted: Thu 19 Sep 2013

Birmingham City FC is looking to recruit a deputy safety officer.

Job title: Deputy safety officer (DSO)
Department: Safety
Hours: Full–time – 37.5 per week.
Location: Primarily based at St. Andrew’s Stadium, Birmingham, B9 4RL or at any location or venues as required to fulfil the role.

Primary role:
To assist the safety officer to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the safety of everyone attending events at St. Andrew's Stadium, in accordance with the General Safety Certificate terms and conditions and the Club Spectator Safety Policy. All references to the safety officer in such documentation, will apply to the deputy safety officer in the absence of the safety officer.

Position in the organisation:
The post holder will be employed on a full-time basis, responsible to the safety officer.

The deputy safety officer:

- Must be familiar with the matchday commitments of the safety officer and in the event of the safety officer’s absence during an event be in a position to assume the responsibilities of the safety officer to the exclusion of all other duties. In this case to have contingency plans in place to ensure all other deputy safety officer duties and procedures can go ahead with other staff. This is subject to receiving the Safety Advisory Groups (SAG) approval.
- Will be familiar with the principles of the General Safety Certificate, the Spectator Safety Policy, the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds and assist the safety officer in ensuring that the provisions of these documents are complied with.
- Will attend the pre-match and post match briefing/de-briefings with the safety officer.
- Will be required to liaise effectively with HR and the safety officer and be heavily involved with all aspects of recruitment of stewarding roles.
- Will liaise with the chief steward and matchday co-ordinator to ensure that sufficient stewards have been scheduled to work in line with the General Safety Certificate and have reported for duty and are deployed properly. Ensuring that all stewards have scanned in/out appropriately and records of their attendance are properly maintained.
- Will liaise with the chief steward/matchday co-ordinator/turnstile manager (support) to ensure that sufficient turnstile and gate personnel have reported for duty, scanned in appropriately and records of their attendance are properly maintained.
- During each event the deputy safety officer will assist in the safe and effective management of each event.
- After each event the deputy safety officer will advise the safety officer of any lessons learnt which should be taken into account of in planning the next fixture.
- The deputy safety officer will have a specific responsibility for monitoring the implementation of the Club Health and Safety Policy for employees during an event and bring to the attention of the safety officer any health and safety issues which occur.
- The deputy safety officer shall keep the safety officer informed of how the Club Spectator Safety Policy is being implemented and make recommendations for amendments to the policy.
- The deputy safety officer shall monitor the club grievance procedure policy and bring to the immediate attention of the safety officer any grievance or disciplinary issue affecting the event day staff.
- The deputy safety officer will take an active role in recruiting, interviewing, training and the assessment of stewards in close liaison with the HR Department.
- The preparation of all matchday paperwork prior to an event.
- Post-event ensuring that all payroll is entered accurately and submitted to payroll by the deadline date.
- Being the first point of call for any payroll queries.

Ideally this candidate with have stewarding experience and have either NVQ level 3 or level 4 in spectator safety. The successful candidate will be calm and focussed even in the most challenging circumstances and will display strong leadership skills.

Closing Date: 6 October 2013

To apply for this position, please complete an online application form here.

The security of your personal details is important to us. We have invested in secure offsite data storage. We ask that you use a very strong alpha numeric password that uses capital letters as well.

If you do not have access to the web please contact reception for assistance on 0844 557 1875.

Successful applicants will be invited to Birmingham City Football Club, St. Andrew’s Stadium for interview. Interviews will include tasks to show competency.

Applicants must be eligible to live and work in the UK. We are only able to offer this role to those aged over 18 years old.

For further information on recruitment at Birmingham City FC follow our HR feed on Twitter @AlexThomas033 or click here.

Birmingham City FC is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applicants from all sectors of the community.

Applicants must be eligible to live and work in the UK.