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First and Last - Peter Lovenkrands

Posted: Tue 22 Oct 2013
Author: Andy Walker

Peter Lovenkrands

Blues forward Peter Lovenkrands gives a selection of his firsts and lasts.

First memory...would be my dad being funny and the way he looked after me when I was little. He was always a big part of my life.

First boots.. were the Adidas Copa Mundial. Old school!

First replica shirt...would have been PSV Eindhoven with Romario on the back.

First car...was a black Fiat Brava.

First game as a fan...Brondy against Lingdy at the Brondy Stadium.

Last song you downloaded...Was Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z’s Holy Grail.

Last holiday destination...Was New York.

Last thing I googled...was for directions to Broadwood Stadium in Scotland for my coaching badges

Last present I bought...was for my little girls in Toys-R-Us. It was a doll and art set.

Last film I watched...was Kick Ass 2.

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