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The Reaction: Blues 4 (2) Stoke 4 (4)

Posted: Wed 30 Oct 2013

The Reaction: Blues 4 (2) Stoke City 4 (4)

Image by: Press Association

Blues boss Lee Clark reacts to the penalty defeat to Stoke City at St. Andrew's.

Lee Clark on his side's fightback...

"You want to win every game and you hope that the efforts that the lads showed over the course of the 120 minutes would be rewarded with the lottery of winning the penalties but it wasn't to be.

"But it doesn't take away from the fact that I'm immensely proud of that group of players to a man. They've given everything and ticked every box - pride, passion, work ethic, quality on the ball and never giving in.

"When you go down to ten men against a Premier League team you can easily go gung-ho trying to press for another goal and they end up just picking you off and hitting you for four, five or six, but they managed the game well and we took the risks at the right time in the game."

On how he can take a lot of positives from the fightback...

"Mark Hughes and his staff were very complimentary to us and said our players were magnificent, which I agree with.

"I couldn’t have wished for or hoped for any more than those players gave me tonight under the circumstances.

"I just wish that sometimes that Lady Luck would shine on us a little bit more than it has over the course of the season. Now we need to bottle what we've done tonight and open that bottle at three o'clock on Saturday against Charlton."

His thoughts on Wade Elliott's sending off...

"Of course it's a big turning point because it's hard enough playing against a Premier League team 11 v 11. When you go 10 v 11 it becomes very hard, especially with the way they move the ball around.

"I haven't seen the footage yet and I need to look at it before I comment. I need to look and see if it was worthy of a red card and if it is we just move on, but if we think it isn't we'll appeal it."

On how Mitch Hancox and Callum Reilly should be proud of their performances despite missing their penalties...

"The two of them were brilliant in the game, that's what matters. They were brave enough to get up there and put their names forward for the first five penalties and that takes a lot of guts.

"They're big Bluenoses and it will hit them hard but they haven't got to worry about it. They've done themselves and their club proud, as have all the other players.

"The relationship between the young players and the fans is getting stronger and I think they're bouncing off each other. Everybody knows our situation and those two groups of people are standing shoulder to shoulder and backing each other to the hilt."

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