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Superstore to sell match tickets

Posted: Mon 09 Dec 2013
Author: Andy Walker

The Blues Superstore

Blues are pleased to announce a significant change to the football club’s ticketing operation.

From today Monday (9 December) onwards, non-matchday ticket sales will be transferred to the Blues Superstore with the St. Andrew’s Ticket Office only being utilised on a matchday and when demand requires.

The move will create a one-stop shop for all Blues fans purchasing needs and in turn create a slicker retail operation.

As has been proven by football clubs up and down the country, having retail and ticketing all under one roof helps to create a more enjoyable shopping experience for supporters.

As well as purchasing merchandise, fans will now be able to buy both home and away tickets from the tills at the Blues Superstore.

Commenting on the new approach, Blues’ Head of Retail and Ticketing, Wayne Cowen, said: “We've wanted to do this for a while and I'm delighted that this is now happening. Fans will now be able to purchase their tickets face-to-face and in the comfortable shop environment rather than the old fashioned way of through a sheet of glass while braving the elements. 

"This is another key step in improving the way that we interact with our fans.”

Tickets will still also be available to purchase over the phone on the usual number: 0844 557 1875 option 2 and online here.

Check out the Blues Superstore's extend opening hours throughout December here.

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