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Blue kid on the block – Perry Cotton

Posted: Wed 18 Dec 2013

Perry Cotton

The latest Blues Academy youngster in the spotlight is right-back Perry Cotton.

Name: Perry Cotton

Date of birth: 26/10/96

Position: Right-back


What school did you go to? Belgrave School in Tamworth.

What was the first team you played for and were they any good? Stonydelph and no!

Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it? Yes, it’s Pez.

How were you spotted by Blues? Playing in a final at Tamworth’s ground.

How long have you been at the club? Seven years.

Who has been the biggest influence on you since joining the club? Kristjaan Speakman (Academy manager).

What are your strengths as a player? My heading.

If you could improve one part of your game what would it be? My left foot.

How much interaction do you have with the first team?Not a lot.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Just to be the best you can.

What boots do you wear? Nike Tempos.

What other non-footballing sportsman do you most admire? Usain Bolt.

Tell us something about you we wouldn’t know? I’m Australian.

What is your favourite pre-match meal? Pasta and chicken.

Who is the most skilful player you have played with? Dimi Gray

Who are your best friends in football? Dom (Bernard), George (McGee) and Wes (Harding).

Do you use Twitter? If so, what is your Twitter name? Yes, it’s @pez_cotton

What is the best goal you have ever scored? It was one against Cardiff.

Who do you think is the best footballer in your position? Kyle Walker.

What is the most memorable match you have played in? Against Crewe with the U18s.


Academy team-mates

Best trainer? Reece Brown.

Quickest? George McGee.

Best banter? Callum Preston.

Hard man? Nat Kelly.

Biggest joker? Dimi Gray.

Most skilful? Dimi Gray.

Worst haircut? Callum Preston.

Best dressed? Dimi Gray.

Biggest moaner? Charlie Cooper.

Future manager? Charlie Cooper.


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