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Statement: Carson Yeung

Posted: Mon 03 Mar 2014

Following today's developments in Hong Kong, Birmingham City Football Club's acting chairman Peter Pannu has issued the following statement.

"I regret to inform all supporters and staff of our beloved club that Birmingham City F.C's former president and benefactor, Carson Yeung, was today convicted of all charges he faced following a protracted period of legal proceedings. 

"I'd like to reassure all supporters and staff that today's verdict will have no impact on the day-to-day operations at the football club. 

"Birmingham International Holdings Limited, the holding company, shall continue to support the football club under the leadership of the group's new chairman, Mr Cheung Shing, and will work to raise further investment to support Birmingham City F.C. going forward."

Birmingham City F.C. will be making no further comment at this present time.