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The Reaction: Blues 0 QPR 2

Posted: Sat 08 Mar 2014

The Reaction: Blues 0 Queens Park Rangers 2

Image by: Press Association

Lee Clark gives his thoughts on today's reversal to the promotion-chasing R's

Lee Clark’s assessment of the game...
We had great situations, we didn’t make the most of them and paid the ultimate penalty really; they’ve killed the game off. I would have liked to see us test their keeper a bit more but certainly we had good spells in the game. If we’d taken more risks, which is what I wanted the team to do – that’s why I set it up the way I did (3-4-3) – and got more bodies in the box, it would have helped us. But it wasn’t to be the case and then they get two fantastic goals, in terms of the finishes. We could have prevented both, certainly prevented the free-kick – we had a chance to clear it. Once the error happened we were too wide apart as a back three, we committed the foul and his execution is top drawer. He (Ravel Morrison) finished the other one well but we’d given the ball away cheaply.

Clark on being more of a threat in the opposition third...
Even before half-time and afterwards, we were still causing problems but it’s about courage, conviction and belief – all those words. They’re not just about flying into tackles, they’re about doing the right things with the ball and being positive. We had some tremendous opportunities and it just died a death, the last cross or we just got eased out of it. 

Clark on the change in formation and personnel for today’s game...
Until we get a win and get on a run, we have to try and do something different - if things aren’t working you’ve got to do that. We have to look at ways of getting that elusive win, certainly at home.

Clark on the situation towards the bottom of the table with four teams below Blues all winning today...
Ultimately it’s about what we do; we’ve got to look after ourselves and make sure we’re right. We haven’t got to hide behind what’s happening elsewhere around the club – I felt at one stage that that could have been the case. We’ve got to be strong and face up to what our responsibilities are to the most important people at the club - the supporters. We can change the mood around the club by getting results. We’ve got to dust ourselves down and get ready for another huge test on Wednesday (against Burnley).  

Clark on two-goal match-winner Morrison...
When Harry (Redknapp) called to ask me about him I told him that he’d love him and he’d be his type of player. He can change games, he’s a difference maker. He did it for me many times and he’s done it again today. I thought he was a class act all afternoon. 

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