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Monster Challenge - round six

Posted: Sun 06 Apr 2014
Author: Andy Walker

Chris Burke v Meaghan Sargeant

Image by: Sam Putnam

Girls v boys - an age old debate that we're hoping to settle with our weekly series, the Monster Challenge.

In conjunction with Birmingham City Ladies' principal partner, Hollywood Monster, we'll be pitching a player from each of our male and female sides head-to-head in a random task.

Karen CarneyKirsty Linnett and Coral Jade-Haines had given the ladies a 3-2 lead with victories over Olly Lee, Mitch Hancox and Aaron Martin respectively.

So next up to extend the lead for BCLFC was Meaghan Sargeant who took Chris Burke on with a game of pool at The Royal George in Tilton Road. 

Find out how they got on in round six below.