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The Reaction: Blues 1 Leeds United 3

Posted: Sat 26 Apr 2014

The Reaction: Blues 1 Leeds United 3

Image by: Press Association

Lee Clark gives his thoughts on Saturday’s Sky Bet Championship loss to Leeds United.

Lee Clark on the way the game panned out after such a good first-half performance...
“We dropped really deep for the first goal and didn't stop the cross. Whether nervous tension crept in or not, I'm not sure. Then for the second our Achilles Heel crept in and within a couple of minutes it's two. Then we found ourselves three behind and it's just too difficult to come back from."

Clark on being in the bottom three of the division for the first time...
"We need two big performances and two wins. We’ve got to fight for the future of the club and for our own futures because we don't want to have relegation on our CVs and particularly we have to fight for the fans because they don't deserve to be in this situation."

Clark asked if he thought 3-1 was a harsh scoreline...
"We were energetic and had drive in the first-half, but if you defend as poorly as we did give goals away as we did, you get punished."

Clark on the big turnout of fans...
"They don't deserve to see the club where it is. With the situation and the position of the team they've been absolutely brilliant supporters and I feel for them every time there is a disappointing result. Certainly at home it hasn’t been good enough and we need to rectify that and fight for our lives in the next two games. But more importantly we need to fight for them, because they'll be here no matter what happens to the club, they'll always be the constant. They've shown since I've been at the club that they're second to none."

Clark on raising the players' spirits for the last two games...
"I've got to work hard with them starting on Sunday, both tactically, mentally and physically. The supporters are doing their bit and me as the manager, my staff and my players have got to do something about it on the field. They’ve got to give me absolutely everything over the last two games. We’ve got to look to win on Tuesday and Saturday but I believe I've got the players to do it."
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