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The Reaction: Blues 0 Wigan Athletic 1

Posted: Tue 29 Apr 2014

The Reaction: Blues 0 Wigan Athletic 1

Image by: Press Association

Lee Clark's comments following the narrow defeat to Wigan athletic.

Lee Clark asked if he thought his side deserved something from the game…
“I think we deserved something, but we just didn’t seem to get the breaks. It’s never ideal for a game plan when you’re a few minutes in and 1-0 down. But the players kept fighting and working hard. Wigan didn’t cause us too many problems after that. It was a similar situation to the Nottingham Forest game a couple of weeks ago. We’ve got to go to Bolton now and get a result and hopefully at least one other result goes in our favour.”

Clark on the support his players received from the fans…
“I’ve got to say I’ve been amazed in the two years at this football club at the support from the terraces. The fans are magnificent. They even surpassed that tonight and took it to another level. The numbers and the support for the players was just astonishing really. That’s who I’m gutted for in all of this. They deserve better. If it was based on what your support was about, we’d be competing at least with Wigan in the play-offs. But we’ve just got to keep fighting for them on Saturday and try and get the right scenario.” 

Clark on finishing the season without a win at St. Andrew's since October…
“It’s not good enough for us, for me or the players, but most importantly not good enough for the fans. They’re the ones I’m feeling for at this moment in time.” 

Clark on how much of a boost it will be to have Paul Robinson back on Saturday…
“Having your captain is important. Having him suspended for six games (this season) has been a big blow for us. But I’ve got to say that I thought that Hayden Mullins and Jonathan Spector were outstanding tonight.”

Clark asked if he was confident his side can get a result against Bolton…
“Yes, definitely, because our away form has been very good. It’s imperative we get a result on Saturday. But like I’ve said many times, they need to walk the walk when they get out on the grass and deliver what’s got to be delivered.”