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U18s Holland diary - day ten

Posted: Fri 08 Aug 2014
Author: Jeremy Poulson
Image by: Olly Leaper

With the Blues U18s having played FC Twente U19s the day before, today was a recovery day with preparations now focusing on the final matches of the LFE Tournament.

The start of the day began later to allow the players more rest and recovery, meeting up for breakfast at 9.30am. The squad then assembled in the indoor facilities of the Apart Hotel in Deldon to do stretching session for 30 minutes, led by sport scientist Jeremy Poulson. This was then followed by the group splitting into two, based on the minutes played the day before. The group that started and played the majority if not all of the match then did a recovery session in the pool, whereas the other players that did not play as much as the others, played a game of head tennis which was refereed by coach Steve Spooner.

The group then met up for lunch at 1pm, which was then followed by a bike tour of the local Deldon area. The route took the group past Twickle Castle, then onto a cafe with gardens, allowing the group to stop off for refreshments. The group then continued on back to the hotel.

After the group arrived backed at the hotel and had dinner they utilised the hotel facilities for the evening's entertainment with some playing table tennis and darts.

Blues U18's captain Dom Bernard said: "With it being just a day after the game, those who played enjoyed a swim and those who didn't took part in an intense game of head tennis, which was ideal for a recovery day. We then had time to grab lunch and then enjoyed a nice bike ride out in Delten. The team are looking forward to training tomorrow ahead of the tournament against the three English teams."

To continue following the Blues pre-season tour in Holland, follow @bcfcacademy on twitter for the latest news and pictures of the tour. Also @LFEonline is following the tour of the four English clubs in Holland.
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