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The Reaction: Brentford 1 Blues 1

Posted: Sat 23 Aug 2014
Author: Jack Burrell

Birmingham City manager Lee Clark gives his reaction to his side's 1-1 draw at Griffin Park.

Clark on been disappointed with dropping two points: " Without a doubt, I thought we was disappointing with our ball retention. We started the game brightly and then they had a spell. We got the penalty, went one up and had other chances."

Clark on playing against ten men: "They dominated possession of the ball, they passed it better, we made the wrong choices, but in terms of how we passed the ball and our decision making, us having the extra man didn't count for anything. We've got to get over this disappointment, what an opportunity for us to get three points."

Clark on the application: "We didn't show the right application in terms of what we needed to do with an extra man on the ball, we gave the ball away too cheaply at times."

Clark on the playing style: "We've got quick strikers and we want to put it down the side of the centre-halves so they end up in a race but we don't just want to be lumping the ball forward."

Clark on Brentford's goal: "The goal basically summed up our afternoon in terms of where we were with our passing."

Watch Lee Clark's full interview below: