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The Reaction: Blues 1 Huddersfield 2

Posted: Sat 15 Feb 2014

The Reaction: Blues 1 Huddersfield Town 2

Image by: Press Association

Lee Clark gives his reaction to Birmingham City's 2-1 home defeat by Huddersfield Town.

Lee Clark on his side’s performance....

“That’s probably our worst performance of the season and that’s not taking anything away from Huddersfield, who I thought were excellent. With the exception of the first four or five minutes, where we started quite brightly, we gradually got worse and worse. Our decision making, ability with ball and our passing game without the ball was absolutely awful.”

Clark on looking to put things right...

“I’ve got my own thoughts on it and I’ll talk to the players about that in the morning. We’ll sit down in the classroom and talk about it and spend a hard week this week getting back on track and trying to get the feel good factor back for the fans. I’m disappointed for them and frustrated for them because of the backing." 

Clark on the struggle to win at home...

“It looks like I’ve got players who are fearful of playing in front of their own people which is outrageous because these supporters aren’t turning on the players. They should embrace the support they’re getting. At home you’ve got to have fans on the edge of their seat. You’ve got to have crosses fizzing in, shots, lots of corners and have defenders making last ditch tackles. We’re not doing that. The fans want to see attacking teams and putting the opposition on the back foot.”

Clark asked if the young players were struggling....

“I don’t think so because they’ve shown me on many occasions away from home and certain times at home this season as well. I’ve got to find away. I’ve got to find a formula and it’s not always having your most talented players on the pitch to win games –certainly in our predicament.”