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Under-23s head to Spain for pre-season camp

Posted: Mon 12 Jun 2017

Richard Beale’s youngsters will spend seven days on the outskirts of Valencia from 8 July

The squad will stay in the Valencian coastal town of Oliva for a week as they step up preparations for the 2017/18 campaign. 

Situated to the far north of the Costa Blanca, Oliva is a picturesque retreat from the hustle and bustle of Valencia to the north and Alicante to the south. 

Renowned for it’s golden beaches, historical street and religions festivals, Blues under-23s will spend an intense week of training in Oliva whilst the senior side visit the small spa town of Stegersbach in Austria.

“It’ll be a hard working week for the boys,” explained Richard Beale. “We’ll be away from the country and the training ground but in an environment which is perfect for what we’re after. 

“They’ll be put through triple sessions and some days there may even be four sessions so it’ll give them a good idea of what it takes to become a professional footballer. 

“In a typical day we’ll get up early, then it will be either a bike ride, a swim or a run. 

“We’ll then have breakfast and usually a football session in morning and a running session in afternoon. 

“On certain days there will also be a weights session and every evening we put on a classroom session which is aimed at instilling the values of Birmingham City Football Club into the players. 

“We’ve got some video footage and interviews of players who have been in their shoes and have gone on to be successful and others who didn’t quite make it. It’s all geared up to set the tone for what is required from them. 

“We’ve been to Austria in the last two years and it's been really beneficial so we hope we get the same outcome from this camp. 

“When you go away as a squad it’s really good from a technical, tactical and physical point of view but it’s also the team bonding and being in each other’s pockets twenty four seven. 

“We’ll do a few fun bits as well to bring the group together but we really want to drum home what is required of them. 

“They’re young players and the camp we go to is an athletic resort.

“Our success will be based on how many players will push into first team. 

“There will be new players coming in to the senior side and the boys have got to set that as their marker. 

“The ones that have been with us have to improve again and improve enough to affect the first team manager’s thinking. 

“That must be their aim every single day, to get into the first team, there’s no bigger priority for them.”