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Harry Redknapp on man management

Posted: Thu 20 Apr 2017

Newly appointed Blues boss sheds some light on his management style ahead of Second City derby…

The 70-year-old addressed the media at his official unveiling as Manager on Wednesday afternoon and explained how praising his players has brought the best out of them. 

Redknapp has worked with some of the most high-profile performers after taking up his first managerial post back in 1983 with Bournemouth.

Having enjoyed success throughout his 24 years in management, the new Blues boss will look to draw on all his experience to get a tune out of his latest group.

“I think praise is important whatever you do in your life,” he said. “We all love that pat on the back and footballers are no different, maybe even more so. 

“Players love it. I said to Steven Gerrard now he’s working with young players, everyday go up and have a chat with the kids individually. 

“Take an interest in them because it is important. I don’t think there’s enough of that in football. We don’t get into their heads on an individual basis.” 

Redknapp turned 70 years old last month and had been enjoying life as a TV pundit before the Club made an approach for his services on Monday evening. 

The demanding nature of management wasn’t enough to deter the new Blues boss, to the contrary, he believes being involved in football is what keeps him young. 

“You wonder where the years go, don’t you?”, he added. “You don’t feel like you’re getting old even though you are. 

“The years just fly by but being around the guys and the young players on the pitch, there’s nothing better than going out and seeing your players play football. 

“As long as they’ve got a good attitude then I think it’s what keeps you young. 

“It’s important they come in everyday, they’re good lads who want to work hard and improve. I think it’s a fantastic job to be doing what I’m doing. 

“People get carried away with management. 

“If the players stay up and we survive it will be down to the players. You can blame whoever you want but we’re in this position because the players haven’t performed well enough. 

“If we get out of trouble, it’s all down to them. I’ll come in and play a small little part but it’s going to be down to them. 

“Going to Villa first game, they’re really going to have to stand up and be counted but it’s a great challenge for me. 

“I’m looking forward to it. 

“The buzz you get from driving home on a Sunday night with a good result in the bag. I’ll be singing all the way home that’s for sure. 

“Keep right on to the end of the road!”