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Academy coaching programme

Posted: Wed 01 Aug 2012
Author: Kristjaan Speakman

Academy manager Kristjaan Speakman

Image by: Roy Smiljanic

Coaching of our players has been, and remains the priority of our programme.

We believe our model of teaching the game is effective and flexible, ensuring players receive the highest level of tuition across the four corners during every session. The aim is to teach our players to a football philosophy which is identified as:

‘It is our philosophy whilst acknowledging there are no absolutes, as an academy we would seek to educate our players to play a progressive, forward thinking style of football within each of the development phases. Therefore retaining the ball, playing through the thirds and recognition of when and where to play forwards with variation and fluidity, is paramount to individual and team progression. Our teams operate with the objective of regaining the ball at the earliest opportunity based on the opposition’s tactics and style of play, focusing on the transition of possession at all times. Honesty, hard work and commitment are all fundamental core values of the club and are expected from all players irrespective of age or position.

The development of a winning mentality is crucial to the productivity of players and the relationship between development and results is clearly identifiable within our phase specific coaching curriculum.’

The coaching curriculum provides our technical staff with the blueprint on how we will deliver our programme. This template outlines the methods utilised to teach the game, identifies key learning objectives and outcomes across a detailed age specific coaching syllabus. The coaching format, used to orchestrate a session at our Club demonstrates a clear and concise process to implement the plan and is the structure on which we deliver influential, innovative and inspiring coaching sessions.

The syllabus pulls together all the supporting elements, which are valued as a means to player development. Through this holistic approach we feel a clear goal orientated culture in a disciplined environment is key to reaching our target of producing players with the attributes to participate in 1st Team football. It is vital in today’s society that the players and staff feel ownership of their development and through formative coaching and planning meetings all stakeholders have the opportunity to shape our pathway.  

The culture within our academy is key to our continued success and only through a strict adherence to our vision and values will we be able to operate effectively in today’s market place.

We believe a concise plan, dynamic and effective coaching will serve as the pathway for our young players to reach the 1st Team squad.

Kristjaan Speakman
Academy manager/head of coaching

Development model

The development model used within the academy is designed to develop players across the four corners:
• Technically 
• Tactically
• Physically
• Psychologically

This is achieved through the implementation of a syllabus and a coaching format weighted to ensuring each of the four corners is applied to the coaching our players receive. 

By delivering sessions on specific technical components and themes for certain periods of time followed by reinforcement players are provided with an opportunity to learn, practise and develop important areas of the game. 

This layering of learning is common in our everyday life as well as the education system where it forms a key strategy within teaching methodology. Often focal in environments where the input to output relationship is affected by many variables and as such the problem is broken down to many sub tasks. These sub tasks are less complex and provide basic information prior to a secondary layer of application-based learning. The final stage is to provide a layer of multiple problems which requires critical thinking and analysis.

Coaching philosophy
Academy philosophy