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Academy contacts

Posted: Sun 26 Jan 2014
Author: Kristjaan Speakman
Blues Academy

Blues Academy

Image by: Roy Smiljanic
Please note that all player recruitment enquiries must be submitted to the this recruitment email and not directly to individual staff 

Operations manager            Mark Dennis
Academy manager              Kristjaan Speakman 01212441407
Lead pro development coach      Steve Spooner 0121 2441407
Head of sports science      Dave Singleton  07968956832
Head of education      Ian King                 07500 822981
Recruitment manager      Lyndon Tomlinson     07584473194
Pro development coach      Gareth Holmes        0121 244 1407
Lead youth development coach  Mike Dodds                         07817 204476
Head of academy goalkeeping   Andy Mulliner                                 07976 575126
Lead foundation coach     Karl Hooper          07870218085
Academy physiotherapist    Oliver Leaper          07739323847
Academy physiotherapist   Luke Van Zyl   07780306208
Sports scientist           Chris Wright           07776240999
Sports scientist   Jeremey Poulson            07756401930
Performance analyst   Simon Houston           07517192586

Part Time Staff
Job title                                   Name                  Contact
Academy goalkeeping coach  Ashley Kingdon       07527833133
Lead academy U14 coach       Sam Wilkinson        07805144925
Lead academy U13 coach       George Curry         07872500604
Lead academy U11 coach       Graham Pemberton 07890802951
Lead academy U10 coach       Mark Muddyman      07922968522
Lead academy U9 coach         Sam Manoochehri    07852358815 
Academy coach                       Michael Johnson      07540636656
Academy coach                       Steve Clements      07717700546
Academy coach                       Karl Aust
Academy coach                       Wes Hughes            
Academy coach                       Richard Brooks       07880510211
Academy coach                       Ian James              07810 756107
Academy physiotherapist       Dave Smith            07974265513 

Recruitment staff
Job title                                     Name             Contact
Local recruitment officer        Bob Brown       07411381582
Local scouting co-ordinator    Dean Manton      07956319875
Local recruitment officer        Bob Brown         07411381852
Lead scout                               Ray Gooding       07879626888