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Peter Pannu overwhelmingly re-elected

Posted: Mon 13 May 2013

In motion: Birmingham International Holdings Ltd's annual general meeting.

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Birmingham City Football Club’s parent company, Birmingham International Holdings Ltd, held their annual general meeting in Hong Kong on May 10.

The outstanding accounts were approved and passed by the shareholders, while other business was transacted during the AGM. 

Amongst the approvals were the re-election of members of the BIHL board. Mr.Peter Pannu was re-elected by a majority of 92.89% and caught up with the acting chairman to discover what the outcome of the AGM means for the football club.

Pannu told “I’m glad that the past outstanding accounts have been passed through. This is a milestone and a pre-condition if we were to sell the football club, if appropriate. It is also a step towards the resumption of the trading of BIHL's stocks on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange which had been suspended for sometime.

“The results of the AGM are encouraging for me and my staff here in Hong Kong and in the UK and it shows that our work, under very trying circumstances, over the past two years has been acknowledged by the voting shareholders who effectively own the parent company and the club.

“There are many challenges ahead and we still need to work together in the best interests of the football club and our loyal fans.
"Another point to note from this AGM and the counted votes is that we should not, as I have been emphasising all along, be distracted by inaccurate and misleading reports of the intentions of shareholders prior to the AGM and what their plans were. The events of the AGM has proven many wrong.
"The AGM was also an opportunity which many local media took and the floor was opened up for a question and answer session where there were a free flow of exchanges on a range of topics.
"Now we need to move ahead and prepare for the sale of the club, if the terms are right, and also to prepare for the next season in the interim."