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Blues launch equality campaign

Posted: Tue 07 Jun 2016

Club's #Belong project gets underway

As a Club, Blues strive for excellence on and off the field.

Of great importance to us is our relationship with supporters and the local community.

We take great pride in our rich heritage and the strong bond which exists between the Club and the people of Birmingham.

Our city is a great city, one to be proud of. Birmingham is a diverse, multicultural city and as a Club we are committed to serving and representing the local community.

We are all one family, under the umbrella of football.

To strengthen this relationship and to further embrace, welcome and unite all parts of the local community, we are delighted to announce our intention to work towards the Premier League Equality Standard Advanced Award.

Blues gained the Intermediate Award in June 2015 and we are currently the only Football League club to hold this accolade.

And we have now been granted special permission by the Premier League to undertake this new project, which we have entitled #Belong.

Club Director Panos Pavlakis said: "We are the only Football League club working towards the Advanced Award and it is something we feel very passionate about.

"The work we have done already in the field of equality and diversity has been recognised, but we don't want to stop there.

"The project is about the intrinsic culture of our great Club and encouraging people from all communities to participate with us in activities, to show that they truly #Belong."

David Boston, Blues' Customer Services Manager and Supporter Liaison Officer, commented: “All employees of Birmingham City Football Club are responsible for contributing towards the principles of our Equality and Diversity programme.

"As custodians of the Club we have a shared duty to safeguard the longevity of the business, provide a high standard of service to our existing fans whilst nurturing the next generation of supporters.

“Through undertaking this work and committing to #Belong, we will identify new target markets and fans for the future, develop new and existing partnerships and work with under-represented communities to the betterment of our Club.”
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