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Blues pair's Valentine's visit

Posted: Tue 12 Feb 2013
Author: Andy Walker

Blues duo Steven Caldwell and Callum Reilly were helping to spread the love at Birmingham Children’s Hospital this week.

The popular pair took time out on Monday afternoon to join a fun-filled party with a Valentine’s twist in the hospital’s Play Centre.

As well as getting their hands covered in glue and glitter while helping youngsters make special Valentine’s Day cards, Stevie and Callum also played games with and chatted to in and out patients and hospital staff.

There was an extra special surprise in store for one hard-working nurse on Ward 15, which looks after hundreds of children with cancer every year, too. Ahead of her birthday this week, Harpreet Marwaha, a lifelong Bluenose, was presented with a handcrafted Valentine’s Day card from both Blues stars.

“I was surprised and delighted by my visit,” Harpreet told “The Valentine’s cards are lovely – thanks to Steven and Callum for making such a special effort.”

Blues skipper Caldwell said: “It was a fantastic day and I really enjoyed meeting all the patients and staff. As players, we always enjoy taking time out to visit Birmingham Children’s Hospital and, judging by all of the smiles we’ve seen on faces, we should never underestimate what a difference these little gestures can make.

“Although, that said, my creative skills left a lot to be desired when it came to making those Valentine’s Day cards!.”

Michelle Williams, mother of Ella and Joseph who kept both players entertained with their creative flair, explained: "The Play Centre is brilliant for Ella as well as being a great break for us all. Ella has been in hospital for over two weeks so it is very difficult to keep her entertained all of the time. She can get very bored and frustrated.
“Ella really enjoyed making her Valentine's card which she made for her nurses on Ward 2.”

Reilly added: “This was my first visit to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and I’ll certainly be coming back. I love getting involved with projects like this and it was great to make Harpreet’s day. I’m sure she’d agree that my card was better than Stevie’s too.”