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Body Makeover Blog - week 2

Posted: Sun 10 Feb 2013
Author: Andy Walker
Andy Walker

Andy Walker

Image by: Roy Smiljanic

A five-strong team of Blues staff have signed up for Official Nutrition Partner USN's Body Makeover Challenge.

The 12-week programme is designed to inspire individuals to reach their personal goal in 2013 and you can find out more here.
In the second of a series of weekly blogs on USN's Body Makeover Challenge, Head of Media and Communications Andy Walker details how he's getting to grips with the lifestyle change.

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

That is the outstanding motto that I’ve taken from these first few weeks of USN’s Body Makeover Challenge.

Prior to being introduced to Blues’ Official Nutrition Partner’s 12-week programme, I only gave thought to the meal I was about to prepare from the moment I opened the kitchen cupboard. The same would stand for the weekly food shop; it would only end up in the trolley if it caught my fancy, which is why shopping on an empty stomach could be potentially damaging to my bank balance.

So the helpful gang at USN were quick to drum home the message to ‘plan, plan and plan some more’ when it came to preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner and those crucial mid-morning/afternoon snacks.

I’ve always been quite an active person with regular trips to the gym so tackling my diet was always going to be the biggest gain for me from the Body Makeover Challenge.

And it quickly became clear that if I didn’t set aside 15 minutes a day to think ahead then I’d soon be back to my old carbarific cuisine ways.

The old adage ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’ does ring too. While tackling my portion sizes later in the day is still proving difficult, I always ensure that I leave the house on a hearty breakfast.

Yet the most important routine to adopt is those mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. It’s those mini pit stops that see off the cravings, prevent you from stuffing yourself silly and crucially keeps your energy levels up.

Nuts, raisins, dry fruit – whatever you fancy but my personal favourite is carrot sticks and houmous."

To sign up for the Body Makeover Challenge, log on to: and click the ‘Body & Lifestyle’ tab. Share your own stories by tweeting @bcfcdotcom using #BMChallenge.