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Body Makeover Blog - week 4

Posted: Mon 25 Feb 2013
Author: Heather Cowan
Heather Cowan

Heather Cowan

Image by: Roy Smiljanic

A five-strong team of Blues staff have signed up for Official Nutrition Partner USN's Body Makeover Challenge.

The 12-week programme is designed to inspire individuals to reach their personal goal in 2013 and you can find out more here.

In the fourth of a series of weekly blogs on USN's Body Makeover Challenge, Birmingham City Ladies' General Manager, Heather Cowan, details how she's getting to grips with the lifestyle change.

"So I'm signed up for the London Marathon 2013 and following a Christmas full of chocolate, big meals and too much wine the USN Body makeover challenge seemed like a great opportunity to help me along the way with my marathon preparations.
I'm no athlete so the training for the marathon seems ridiculously challenging - and was making me very, very hungry! So taking the USN protein shakes after a run or a gym session has helped to curb my appetite and stop me from reaching for the biscuits.
I've been trying to incorporate more protein into my diet and choosing better carbs (the sweet potato is my new best friend!) has helped me to drop around 6lbs so far. Keeping the fruit bowl stocked up has improved my snacking and kept me away from the slices of buttery toast!
I'm still a total tea addict, but have just ditched the biscuits that went with it!
With the marathon only 8 weeks away the USN body makeover challenge is keeping me on track. Watching the ladies team sweating away in pre-season training is also keeping me motivated, and listening to some of the nutrition advice USN have been giving the players has been really useful."

To sign up for the Body Makeover Challenge, log on to: and click the ‘Body & Lifestyle’ tab. Share your own stories by tweeting @bcfcdotcom using #BMChallenge.