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Body Makeover Blog - week 5

Posted: Tue 05 Mar 2013
Author: Ian Dutton
Ian Dutton

Ian Dutton

Image by: Roy Smiljanic

A five-strong team of Blues staff have signed up for Official Nutrition Partner USN's Body Makeover Challenge.

The 12-week programme is designed to inspire individuals to reach their personal goal in 2013 and you can find out more here.

In the fifth of a series of weekly blogs on USN's Body Makeover Challenge, Blues' Head of Commercial, Ian Dutton, details how he's getting to grips with the lifestyle change.

"I've always been one to stay fit and healthy including running the London Marathon three years ago.

So when the USN Body Makeover Challenge came up I was 100 per cent game, especially as USN our recently acquired Official Nutritional Partner.
I work a good 60+ hours a week here at Birmingham City Football Club, which I find extremely rewarding, but at the same time extremely hard work. I'm also a very committed dad to my beautiful daughter Olivia, of whom I like to spend every spare minute I can with - therefore this challenge was always going to be hard.
However, I've battled on over the past seven weeks and progress has certainly started to take shape, literally.
I've been trying my hardest to go to the gym at least three times a week, getting up at 6am before work. I have a personal trainer once a week who helps keep me on track and focused.
The biggest change for me is the diet. If I eat any more eggs, I'll be laying them myself!! Seriously, it's been advised that for someone my weight/height I should be consuming no less than 250 grams of protein a day in order for my muscles to recover. In simple terms that's nine chicken breasts, 30 eggs or five 8oz rump steaks. So you can understand this is quite a task, especially when you have never really had a lunch break and basically normally fill your boots at the end of the day with those horrible words: 'comfort food'.
I have one word for all of the above to work: 'PREPARATION'. This is key to a successful diet.
Like lots of young guys, I also like a good beer (or 10), so to try and stay away altogether would be a real task, so I haven't. I just have everything in moderation and not get silly. This way I can still stay fit and healthy, without totally affecting some of the nice things in life. 
I really have found the right balance with the USN plan. I've managed to just about squeeze it into my daily routine, without effecting my work or personal life too much. I feel a lot more awake through the day, a lot more energised and inches are also being shredded, slowly - but Rome wasn't built in a day."

To sign up for the Body Makeover Challenge, log on to: and click the ‘Body & Lifestyle’ tab. Share your own stories by tweeting @bcfcdotcom using #BMChallenge.