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Celebrating the 1963 cup winners

Posted: Wed 29 May 2013

Several hundred Blues fans turned out at St. Andrew's earlier this week for a special dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Blues’ first League Cup triumph.

The event, which was staged by the Former Players' Association and chaired by Tom Ross, was held in the aptly named Legends' Lounge at the club.

Six members of the 1963 winning squad were in attendance - Bertie Auld, Mike Hellawell, Brian Sharples, Winnie Foster, Jimmy Harris and Colin Green.

As well the 1963 players, there were also a number of ex-Blues players from different eras at the event; including Joe Gallagher, Malcolm Page, Denis Thwaites, Liam Daish, Robert Hopkins, Jerry Gill, Dave Robinson, Jackie Laine, Phil Summerhill, Micky Darrel and Denis Isherwood.

In addition to sharing stories from their time at Blues with the assembled audience, the former players also took time out to sign autographs, pose for pictures and chat with supporters during what was a fantastic evening of nostalgia.