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Compassionate leave for Keith

Posted: Thu 15 Nov 2012

Keith Fahey

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Lee Clark has given Keith Fahey as much time off as he needs to deal with 'personal and family' issues back in his home country.

The midfielder has subsequently flown home to Ireland on compassionate leave  

"Keith Fahey has gone back to Ireland for personal and family reasons," said the Blues boss.

"It’s compassionate leave. Whatever time it takes for that to get sorted we’ll leave in Keith’s hands. There’s no timescale. Football is my life and I take it very seriously but the one thing that is more important than football is my family, so I’m very understanding with my players if there’s a situation like this." 

Out of respect for the player's privacy, Clark wouldn't reveal the exact reason for Fahey's situation, other than to say: "I don’t want to go there because it’s far too private. But it’s not an issue and I’ve told Keith that however long it takes if it’s days, weeks or runs into a month or months it’s not a problem. He needs to get it sorted because you have to go onto a football field with a clear mind. Keith will decide when it’s right for him to come back to the football club."