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Fahey’s reflections

Posted: Fri 10 May 2013

Keith Fahey has spoken of his sadness at leaving Blues, but says he has thoroughly enjoyed his four-and-a-half year spell at St. Andrew's.

The midfielder's contract with the club comes to an end next month but he is philosophical regarding the decision not to offer him a new deal because of financial constraints.

"I’m sad to be leaving because I’ve had some good times here," said the popular Irishman. "Since I came to the club we’ve had a promotion, two good years in the Premier League, a relegation, a good European cup run and the League Cup Final as well.

"In four-and-a-half-years it’s been a success for me anyway and I think the club has been pretty successful while I’ve been here. I’m feeling it now because we’re not doing quite as well, but I’ve really enjoyed it and I’d just like to thank all the fans and everybody around the club who has made me feel very welcome. It was a nice homely club for me."

Fahey was not surprised when he was told by boss Lee Clark that the club would not be activating a two-year option.

"I expected it was coming because I had been watching the television and reading the newspapers so I heard what he was saying," admitted Fahey. "The writing was on the wall and I actually got confirmation on Monday morning.

"I’m very disappointed but I can’t make the club keep me. People asked me on Twitter ‘Why didn’t I offer to take a pay cut?’ but I wasn’t offered a pay cut. Basically they couldn’t afford to keep me so they weren’t offering me a deal."

Since joining Blues back in December 2008 from Irish side St Patrick's, Fahey made 144 appearances and scored nine goals. Although this last season he was been limited to just ten appearances after being unavailable for a chunk of it because of compassionate leave and injury.

Asked what he regarded as the highlights of his Blues career, he said: "Winning the League Cup at Wembley was massive and it was the best day of my life.

"The promotion day was another one, although I don’t think I realised how big it was when it happened. If I had a promotion day like that again I think I’d enjoy it a lot more. Those were the two main highlights and it’s difficult to choose between them.

"Playing in the Premier League is where you want to be and if you drop out of it you realise how tough it is with so many games a season. The European cup run was good as well. It was different playing in Europe."

So what is next on the horizon for Fahey? "I’m not 100 per cent fit yet from injury, so I’ll keep working on that and then I’ll see," he added. "I’m not ruling most things out but I won’t be going home to Ireland to play football. I’ll just have to wait and see what options I have over the summer. I still love of the game and I need to get back playing."