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Players lend their support

Posted: Mon 03 Dec 2012

Curtis Davies is backing the Saving Lives campaign

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Birmingham City stars lend support for national HIV charity Saving Lives.

Top players from both senior teams at St. Andrew's are speaking out for a new national charity. Saving Lives tries to improve the health of the public, and they've asked footballers and athletes to help get the message out.

Curtis Davies and Karen Carney have both become ambassadors for Saving Lives. They’re appearing on billboards and on the sides of buses, as well as in special promotional videos, to help the charity mark National HIV Testing Week and World AIDS Day.

"Saving Lives is raising the awareness to get tested,” says midfielder Curtis. “If you don't get tested, you can become very ill. But it doesn't have to be like that - if you get tested, dotors can give you the right treatment to live a long life."

There are 25,000 people in the UK who have HIV and don’t know it – so Saving Lives tries to get people thinking more about their health, and what they need to get tested for.
Karen Carney Saving Lives
Blues Ladies’ midfielder and England international Karen Carney joined the charity before she attended London 2012 with Team GB. “It’s really important that you don’t be scared of HIV – it’s not a bad thing to talk about. We want to get past that negative stigma and just help people.”

You can see a video of Curtis talking about the charity here. Karen appears in another video for the campaign here

You can find out more about Saving Lives, and see videos and pictures of the Blues stars, at - and follow what the lads are up to on Twitter at @SavingLivesUK. You can donate to Saving Lives by testing SAVE14 £5, or whatever amount you wish to give up to £10, to 70070, or by visiting the website.