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Searching for home comforts

Posted: Thu 13 Dec 2012

Wade Elliott

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Wade Elliott says that if Blues want to climb the table they need to rediscover their home form.

Over recent years St. Andrew's has been a difficult place for opponents to come to, but this season there has been a worrying drop off in terms of positive results.

Lee Clark's side have won just four of their home league fixtures to date.

Blues face another tough test on home soil this afternoon when they entertain second in the table Crystal Palace.

“Traditionally, up until the back end of last year, we have been so strong and that was the basis of what was a relatively successful season," said the Blues midfielder. "For whatever reason, this season we haven’t been able to replicate that, but it hasn’t been from the want of trying. 

"I think the crowd has been pretty good for us and supportive. They can see that it’s not down to lack of effort that we haven’t been getting results. The one thing that everybody said to me when I joined the club was as long as the fans can see you are giving 100 per-cent they will back you to the hilt. They can see we’ve got an honest bunch who are working hard, and for whatever reason it has just not happened for us at home."

Elliott continued: “We just don’t seem to have found the formula yet. But I still think this remains a difficult place to come. I can’t think that too many teams look at the fixture list and look forward to coming here and playing against us too much. We have to make sure that when teams do look at that it’s with good reason. There is no better time to go about restoring that than the next opportunity which is Palace.

"We always believe that we can get a result. It’s difficult to pinpoint why exactly it hasn’t happened. Our approach hasn’t been any different. We are just going to keep plugging away. If we are going to be successful our home form would be the back rock of that. But we’re aware that we’re getting into mid-December now so you can keep talking it but we need to start correcting it sooner rather than later while the leading pack are still in sight."

As Elliott points out, one victory can often turn the tide. “Winning is a habit, you can sense that," he added. "There were plenty of times last season when we didn’t play so well but we were confident that we would always get a result out of it. Positive results feed on themselves which is why we always had that belief that we were going to get something out of the game. We want to get back to that, but we need a couple of good results so we can get back to making this place difficult to come to. You want teams to come here and expect to get beaten, rather than thinking we might be able to get something there today.

“If we hit the New Year and we’ve had a really strong Christmas, we can put ourselves right in contention by the turn of the year. But we have been saying that for a little while now, if we can do this and if we can do that, now it’s time we actually set about going and doing it."