What content will I receive if I subscribe?

All subscribers will receive live commentary of all home and away fixtures within our new matchday show, live pre-season, Under-23s and Blues Ladies matches when possible, live streaming of club events, extended highlights of first team games, full manager pre-match press conferences, pre and post-match preview and reaction with manager, players and Blues legends plus Kevan Broadhurst, exclusive manager and player content and behind-the-scenes videos from St. Andrew’s and Wast Hills. International subscribers will also receive live streaming of matches that are not televised in the UK.

Why are the live matches only available outside the UK?

EFL regulations forbid live streaming within the UK due to agreements with broadcasters including Sky Sports and Channel 5.

What can I expect from the live fixtures?

All footage will be dependent on facilities. At St. Andrew's, BluesTV will endeavour to use a multi-camera angle mix to give you best the view of the action, as well as commentary from Keith Laurent and Kevan Broadhurst. At away fixtures the Club will primarily use a single camera angle with additional angles and commentary when available. This is similar to the beam back stream from last year.  

Is BluesTV part of iFollow?

The club opted out of the iFollow platform to pursue and protect our own commercial interests. 

Will content still be available on YouTube?

The club’s official YouTube channel will continue to operate with all existing videos remaining. Due to the new BluesTV all full videos will only be available on our platform with short videos available on YouTube. 

How much does BluesTV cost?

UK subscriptions cost £5.49 a month and are based on a rolling contract. To secure BluesTV for 12 months, a Season Pass is £49.99 saving £9.89. International subscribers are charged £15.99, which includes live BCFC matches (when possible). A Season Pass for overseas supporters is £110 saving £75.88. Payments can be made by Debit or Credit Card. If you encounter any problems, please contact

How was the price decided? 

In correlation with the iFollow platform, we have matched their pricing.


What do I need on my PC/Mac/ in order to view BluesTV?

BluesTV is accessible on almost every modern browser and you will need a stable broadband internet connection to watch our content. If viewing on your desktop Windows or Mac, and you experience problems, please check that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed (or update via If you are using Google Chrome please allow for all plug-ins to be installed and restart the browser. 

Does BluesTV work on mobile?

Yes, BluesTV is available on most mobile iOS devices although we advise you update your phone to the latest release to achieve better results. In addition, we cannot guarantee the quality of the streaming on GPRS, 3G or LTE and therefore recommend using Wi-Fi for an optimal viewing experience. 4G will provide a good viewing experience, but may costs may incur so please check with your mobile provider first. 

I've forgotten my username / password, what should I do?

If you've forgotten your username and / or password then please select login and click on forgotten password. If you encounter further problems please contact customer services at

I'm having trouble signing up, what should I do?

Please try signing up with an alternative email address or contacting for further advice or questions.

Why is the video buffering or regularly freezing?

This could be a result of a poor internet connection and we recommend checking your connectivity. If you continue to experience this problem visit to check whether your device can support out content. 

Why am I not receiving live content and commentary?

If you are receiving a ‘media not found’ message, please alert

Can I download/embed and use Blues TV content?

BluesTV do not allow illegal streaming, downloading or embedding of content on 3rd party sites.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel, please email with your cancellation request. Please be advised that 10 working days' notice is required for cancellation on this product, cancellation within this period may result in your being charged for the next period.