Premier League Primary Stars

Premier League Primary Stars is a programme backed by the Premier League to help inspire young people to learn through a variety of different ways. It is available to every primary school across England and Wales and allows for a positive impact on children aged 5-11.

As a Community Trust, the programme which we offer keeps the core values of the Premier League at the centre and underpins the learning and outcomes of every lesson delivered.

The values are:

  • Be ambitious – work hard and never give up on their goals
  • Be inspiring – set a great example to others
  • Be connected –work well with others and in a team
  • Be fair – treat people equally and think of others

The lessons which are delivered cover a wide range of subjects including P.E, Maths, English, targeted interventions, and Social action projects.

We support teachers on a one to one basis to help upskill them on the delivery of Physical Education. From this they can access the Primary Stars website which allows them to download 100’s of free resources to help them with their continued journey of development. The programme also helps them with planning lessons and allows them to access help with mid-term planning.

Teacher CPD is also offered and delivered to suit the school’s needs.

The staff who deliver the programme are all professionally trained and are experts within their field. This is useful for schools as it allows teachers and their young people to experience high-quality lessons.

Competitions are offered and can allow schools to send children who may not always get the chance to be within a competitive environment. This helps with self-esteem and confidence and has a positive impact on their long-term development.

We can also offer support for schools by helping to organise and run their sports days. This means that pressure is taken off school staff and they can enjoy the experience with their young people.

To access the free recourses teacher and pupils simply just have to register on the Premier League Primary Stars website.