Goalden Gate Lottery

Goalden Gate Lottery

Birmingham City Football Club gives you the chance to win £1,000 every week of the year with the Goalden Gate Superdraw.

For your £1 Weekly Subscription you will receive ten unique numbers which will be entered into each Monday's draw for the following cash prizes...

A JACKPOT PRIZE OF £1,000, 1 x £150, 1 x £100, 1 x £75, 2 x £50, 4 x £25, 20 x £10 and 30 x £5
That's not all with Goalden Gate Superdraw we also offer a £100 Birthday Accumulator Jackpot Draw providing you with two draws for the price of one!

This lottery is run by Midland Sporting Association. Gambling Commission License Number: 000-005093-N-307917-001


Blues need lottery collectors in your area now to collect the Goalden Gate Weekly Draw Lottery
You must have your own transport and full and part time positions are available. If you interested, then don't delay just email now stating your name, address and contact telephone number.

Thanks again for your continued support.

The winners of the recent draws are as follows:

Week 8 24.07.2017
£1,000 winner is Mrs B Smith
£150 winner is Tina Bicknell
£100 winner is Eileen Horton
£75 winner is Mr M Hollyman
£50 winner is Heather Gerrard
£50 winner is Adam Collinge
£25 winner is Edwin Hawkes
£25 winner is E D Wadsworth
£25 winner is Julie Cappleman-Morgan
£25 winner is Mr Markley

The birthdate drawn was 06.11.88 and the £100 prize was not won – next week’s prize £200.

Week 7 - w/c 17.07.2017
£1,000 winner is Mrs K Stokes
£150 winner is Roy Adderley
£100 winner is Mrs A Evans
£75 winner is Mr B Knowles
£50 winner is Mr White
£50 winner is Jean Faulkner
£25 winner is Julie Mason
£25 winner is Albert Salt
£25 winner is Pamela Parkinson
£25 winner is Mrs M J Wood

The birthdate drawn was 13.01.33 and the £100 Prize was won by J A Smith.

Week 6 =  w/c 10.07.2017
£1,000 winner is Mrs J Phillips
£150 winner is Elsie Wilcox
£100 winner is Mr Phillips
£75 winner is Burt Stanley
£50 winner is David Ingram
£50 winner is Mrs I Greenaway
£25 winner is Mrs Davies
£25 winner is Mrs M Holmes
£25 winner is Mrs G Stevens
£25 winner is Martin Skidmore

The birth date drawn was 07.09.51 and the £400 prize was won by Mr A David.

Week 5 - w/c 03/07/17
£1,000 winner is Mr R Nairn
£150 winner is Valerie Donell
£100 winner is J M Bull
£75 winner is Mr S Fidoe
£50 winner is Brett Wood
£50 winner is Jean Stevens
£25 winner is Mrs C Clarke
£25 winner is Mrs J Rumming
£25 winner is Alex Bond
£25 winner is Mr J Lewis

The birth date drawn was 06.11.61 and the £300 Prize was not won. Next week’s prize will be £400.

Week 4 - w/c 26/06/17
£1,000 winner is Alan Robins
£150 winner is Mr Rohit
£100 winner is Miss S Hiscott
£75 winner is Ian Morris
£50 winner is Katherine Carroll
£50 winner is Mr L Lewis
£25 winner is Alan Elkerton
£25 winner is Mr M Lacey
£25 winner is Betty Bond
£25 winner is Mrs M Walker

The birth date drawn was 18.03.03 and the £200 Prize was not won. Next week’s prize will be £300.