Reaction: 2 Brighton Blues 0

Reaction: 2 Brighton Blues 0

Birmingham Head Coach Carla Ward was keen to build on the positives from today’s defeat against Brighton & Hove Albion.  

Goals from Megan Connolly and Inessa Kaagman were enough to give three points to the hosts, but Blues more than matched their opponents for most of the game.  

“There wasn’t much between the two teams, I think you could tell they were five weeks ahead,” said Ward.

“It’s a tough one to take because there is a lot of good, I think if this game had been in a few weeks this might have been a different score.

“Naturally, they looked sharper because they’ve had more game prep time and two, they can look at their bench and make five changes.”

Since her arrival, Ward has implemented her philosophy onto the players, and she was pleased to see that throughout the game. 

She said: “I always say to them, if you give me 100%, I’ll take mistakes. Today they gave me 100%, so every single one of them deserves only praise.

“We have good foundations to build on, a group that is hungry to kick on, they showed glimpses of it today and we have to take positives from that.”

As the season progresses, Head Coach Ward is confident that the team will become even stronger and harder to beat when fully fit. 

She explained: “Naturally, when you’ve only got a few weeks prep, you work at things that can help you out of possession.

“They’ve not broken us down that easily today, it’s one long shot and then we’ve not picked up at the back stick. 

“We build on the positives that this group has shown that they are wholehearted and together and now we kick on.”