Reaction: Blues 0 Manchester City 2

Reaction: Blues 0 Manchester City 2

Manager Marta Tejedor was left with mixed emotions after a game-changing early blow hampered Blues' plan against Manchester City. 

Former Blue Ellen White notched with a looping effort within the opening minute at the Stadium, Solihull, with a 25-yard swinging effort from Keira Walsh sealing a 2-0 win for the Citizens midway through the second half.

Tejedor was pleased with the way her charges stuck to the blueprint after that but rued the deflating early strike. 

“Overall we did what we planned to do, I was happy with that but the first goal had a big impact on the game,” said Tejedor.

“If your plan is to control the match and wait patiently for your opportunity, and you have been trying for the whole week to let the players understand they may have the chance, (conceding) as soon as the game started made it really difficult.

“On the other hand I was happy with the mental approach and the way they stood up to the game besides that goal.

“I am still waiting for a bit of good luck to come to us, it should at some time.

“Maybe the second one was not a clear shot, those ones can go in or out and it got a big spin, off the post and in. It could have been off the post and out.

“I am not trying to say she didn’t deserve it, more that you think 'come on, when is one of those going to go in for us’, but I am sure it will come.”

Tejedor added: “We have dropped in our performance after conceding on other days and we were able to keep going but it (the start) put us far away from the score we wanted to get.

“The general attitude and approach to the match, the way we played was okay but of course I was not happy with the score.”

The biggest positive for Blues was club captain Kerys Harrop emerging unscathed from a 15-minute appearance as a substitute following more than two months on the sidelines.

Added to the recruitment of Emma Kelly and Georgia Brougham and recent comebacks for Brianna Visalli and Sarah Mayling, Tejedor is feeling better about her options.

“We have needed it for a long time,” she added.

“We have been using a lot of academy players and players in positions they were not used to or natural in, more solving problems or providing solutions.

“Now we have different options and a lot internal competitiveness that we haven’t had before, it will help us to get better and be better.

“I am very happy this has come in the period where we need more and more resources. February is going to be a crucial period for us.”