REACTION: Blues Women 1-0 Everton Ladies

REACTION: Blues Women 1-0 Everton Ladies

Following a 1-0 win over Everton on the opening day of the WSL campaign, Marc Skinner spoke about the fine margins in football and how pleased he was with the result.

A single goal from striker Charlie Wellings, who can “score goals for fun”, was the difference between the two sides as they recorded their first three points in the league. 

He said: ““I’m really pleased for her but I expect it. So for me she should start to work on continuing to produce that form.

“And I’m really pleased with the result. It’s a results based industry and I need to get results but again I wasn’t happy with our performance.

“First half we dominated the game and the only half chance they had was by us giving the ball away but we didn’t threaten the goal enough and we’ve got to do that and take our chances.

“We’ve had a couple of free-kicks where we should have took chances and then it’s comfortable. Second half we’ve hit the bar twice, we’ve had a couple of balls into the box and a few half chances – with better decisions made and this game walks away three, four nil.”

Skinner praised his defence and goalkeeper Ann-Katrin Berger, who wasn’t tested by the Everton frontline, as they recorded their third clean sheet on the season. 

“That’s three games, three clean sheets,” he said. “So we’re doing something right, but even if it was brilliant I’d still want it exceptional. We need more.

“If you’re going to win something, which is always the focus, we have to win each event. We have to be the best in each event. I think we were slightly better today, we deserved the win.”

With the first goal coming in the first minute of the match, Skinner spoke of his team talk, revealing that he didn’t actually have to say a word. 

He said: “We just played a video. We played the Nike video where you dare to dream bigger. I’ve said that from the off, it was just the perfect video which summed up how I felt from the first moment I took charge.

“Why do I need to be realistic? Realistic is pessimistic. For me, it’s about how much I can drive these strong women to be better than they thought they could be. That’s really inspiration stuff that makes you go and potentially win something so we played that and that was my talk. Be Birmingham.

“They went out and we controlled the first half, there’s no doubt about it. We didn’t create enough goal scoring chances but we dominated. 

“The best thing was after the game, I was having a passionate debate with Aoife [Mannion] and Lucy [Staniforth] about how we can stop that transition second half and we’ve won the game. But that’s how passionate these players are to be better. They want to go ‘what can we do to make it better?’ – that’s the stuff where you can start going keep an eye on this team because they’re going places.”