REACTION: Liverpool Women 0 Blues Women 2

REACTION: Liverpool Women 0 Blues Women 2

Blues Women continued their fine form with a 2-0 win over Liverpool Women, with a controlled performance away from home.

First half goals from Emma Follis and Connie Scofield were enough to see off the Reds, as Blues go back up to third in the table.

Manager Marc Skinner was impressed with his team’s performance and expressed his pride in his two goal scorers.

Scofield scored her first goal for the senior side, with a curling effort in the 40thminute.

He said: “The pride I feel for a Birmingham baby to come through and perform like that is enormous. She played well against Arsenal, but it was a different game. But for her, I knew she’d find those spaces today and she’s coming on leaps and bounds.

“When that goal went I had a moment to consider how far she’d come and that’s a great sign for all of the girls in our Regional Talent Club (RTC).”

While Follis notched her third in three games, just three minutes into the game.

Skinner continued: “It’s like catching smoke - if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know how difficult it is. She’s so quick and has the ability and agility to get through you and I think it was very, very clear today that you just couldn’t get near her. She’s so good on the ball.

“I was really pleased with the things she can control on the ball, but also off the ball her work rate was excellent. So was the rest of the girls’ as well though. But that work rate will be the key defining factor as to how far Emma Follis will go. She will be handful for anybody.”

However, the whole team showcased their ability to control the game from the first whistle and produced a performance that the manager was extremely happy with.

He said: “What we wanted to do was control Liverpool’s counter-attacks because they’re quick. They’ve got Jess Clarke and Rinsola Babajide on the wings, Courtney Sweetman-Kirk up top. That’s a quick front line. You’ve got to make sure they can’t play against you. I think we did that very well today. I thought we were excellent.

“I think Liverpool did play directly quite often and then there’s always a risk – a slip for example. It was a good challenge and now it shows me that the players can play on any type of pitch. Bristol’s was very tight and now this one was very big so now we’ve got to make sure that there’s no excuses. In each game, we’ve faced many different things – we’ve been up, we’ve lost, we’ve come from behind to win. We’ve kept a lot of clean sheets, scored early and scored late so this team for me, are going from strength to strength and long may that continue.”