REACTION: Manchester City Women 1 Blues Women 0

REACTION: Manchester City Women 1 Blues Women 0

Blues Women manager Marc Skinner expressed his “immense pride” in his side after a successful 2018 in which his team has progressed under his guidance.

They were unfortunate in the end to lose to Manchester City, in a narrow 1-0 defeat, on Sunday afternoon after Georgia Stanway’s early goal was the only difference.

On the performance, Skinner said: “In the first 10 minutes, we were woeful. The energy wasn’t there, and we didn’t start the game properly. That is where the game has been won and lost. Mistakes happen.

“After that 10-minute period though, I thought they were excellent. I can’t commend the girls enough for their attitude and their energy. I’m really proud of them and I’m proud to be a part of a club that doesn’t want to do the norm. We want to dictate.

“Although it’s bittersweet that we haven’t won the game, I’ve got nothing but pride for my players.”

As this marked the final Women’s Super League game of 2018, Skinner had time to reflect on how far his side has come.

He said: “If you know our journey from the start, you can see how far we’ve come. If people only see the last week or the result, they don’t know the distance we’ve travelled, and I know that.

“That’s why I have immense pride to be a part of something that’s different and that’s not scared to take risk. We’ll win more than we lose by doing that.”

Hannah Hampton retained her place in the starting line-up and had an excellent game despite a mistake at the start of the match. The manager explained his reasons behind the call and also highlighted the fact that Ann-Katrin Berger had picked up a knock in the victory over West Ham.

He said: “Hannah’s an excellent young goalkeeper and Birmingham is a club that gives young players an opportunity to play. We coach them and make them better. For me, Hannah has done everything she needs to do to be given her opportunity to play. Just because she’s made a little mistake means nothing.

“Her character after she conceded was brilliant in the way she continued to try for balls. If we all gave up on someone for making a mistake then we’d live in a world of losers. But for me, we’ll work with her because she’s got an enormous amount of talent. She’s in the starting XI, because she deserves it.”

In front of Hampton, Harriet Scott impressed once again.

Skinner said: “I said to her that I was so pleased with how far she’s come in such a short time. I’ve seen an outstanding player over the last three or four weeks and long may that continue.”