Reaction: Reading Women 1 Blues Women 0

Reaction: Reading Women 1 Blues Women 0

MANAGER Marta Tejedor refused to mask her disappointment with Blues losing focus during a 1-0 defeat at Reading in Women’s Super League.

There was little to choose between the rivals in a match that lacked fluency, Amalie Eikeland’s chip on the move six minutes before half-time deciding matters at Adams Park.

Tejedor felt Blues had been well in the game, even when behind, but could not fathom why her charges lacked cohesion during the final half an hour.

“It was disappointing and not only because of the score but also the way we played, especially the second half,” said Tejedor.

“I would say the first half was okay. We created different opportunities and could have scored but second half, the way the team reacted to being behind was not something I was okay with. We need to be better than that.

“I think it may be that we’re not such an experienced team. When we are in a difficult situation we tend to rush too much and lose control of the match which happened here.

“Instead of playing of according to our strengths we started playing in a way we cannot deal well with and it made this a different game to what it was supposed to be, what we had planned.

“It was a way of playing that does not fit our characteristics, long balls and trying to get into the last third too early when we do not have enough people and cannot use the spaces we can benefit from.”

Newcomers Emma Kelly and Georgia Brougham were named on the bench but did not appear with Tejedor looking to ease them in.

“We need to consider those signings need some time to adapt, especially if they have not been playing for a couple of months like with Emma,” added Tejedor.

“She needs to time to replenish herself in a competitive environment.”

On Brougham’s arrival, Tejedor said: “We knew we really needed to add someone at centre-back and when we looked, one of the things I liked the best about Georgia was her attacking attitude.

“The way she provides angles and support to receive the ball fits with us, she is not one of those centre-backs that just kicks long balls.

“She is a player who can build from the back, link with people around her and make good connections, even join in with the higher lines.

“Besides that, she has experience in the league. She has not played that much this season but played much more last season and knows the environment.

“She is ready to play, she just needs a little bit of time to adapt to us.”