REACTION: Reading Women 2 Blues Women 1

REACTION: Reading Women 2 Blues Women 1

Birmingham City Women manager Marta Tejedor experienced her first defeat at the helm after bowing out of the Women’s FA Cup against Reading Women.

Kirsty Pearce opened the scoring for the Royals, before Aoife Mannion levelled the scoreline from the spot. However, it was heartbreak for the Blues as substitute Rakel Honnudottir slotted in the winner seven minutes from time.

Tejedor expressed her frustration at being at the wrong end of a result for the first time since her arrival but was adamant that her side will come back fighting on Wednesday night against Brighton and Hove Albion.

She said: “You never feel good when you lose, it’s something that you don’t want. But after losing, which is something that happens, the best thing you can do is learn from it and keep going forward.

“We have to learn from our own mistakes.”

She reflected on the team’s performance against a tough opponent, while picking out the positives from defeat.

“I think that both teams put a lot of effort into stopping each other from playing, but none of them put enough effort on playing football,” Tejedor said. “There was a big battle in the midfield and neither of the teams played very well.

“There are always positive things. I think some of the most positive thing is the players’ commitment and that we all feel so bad because everybody really wanted to go through to the next round.

“This will help keep the team together because we are all experiencing the same feelings that come after a loss. This is the way the cup goes. Sooner or later from over 50 teams, there will only be one winner.

“Unfortunately that won’t be us, but that happens in such a tight draw.

“It’s a team effort and the team performance today wasn’t so brilliant.”