REACTION: Sheffield United Women 0 Blues Women 2

REACTION: Sheffield United Women 0 Blues Women 2

After a dominant display against Sheffield United where his side won 2-0, manager Marc Skinner was delighted with his team’s performance as they notched their third consecutive win and fourth clean sheet this season.

Lucy Staniforth and Shania Hayles goals ended up being the difference but it could have been a much bigger tally on the scoresheet.

Of the performance, he said: “I was proud of them. We overcame the obstacle on the pitch today. All credit to Sheffield and what they tried to achieve and it was working up to a certain point. But we knew that the way we play, we tire the opposition out so you’re going to get late on in the games if you can concentrate and you take your chances.

“It was tough and in another way, we should have been a lot more comfortable than it was but it’s not flying in for us at the moment. We’re winning a couple of games and all of a sudden it will take off. It’s another clean sheet and another victory so I’m going to take the positives.”

Having made six changes to the starting eleven prior to kick off as he prepares for a three-game week, Skinner said that although it was the first time this team had played together competitively they played well.

“I think it has a natural kind of disconnection at first because they haven’t really played competitively with these players but I value my squad so highly,” he said. “Every individual is rated highly by me so when we get an opportunity to rotate, it gives them a chance to show me what they’ve got. I relish it because we need a competitive squad to be successful.

“Once they got into their rhythm I thought we created enough goal scoring chances to make this super comfortable today to do that.”

With two substitutions scoring the decisive goals, it was part of the game plan with Brighton around the corner on Wednesday. 

He said: “We planned ahead based on the games that we’re playing this week and just making sure we’re fresh in each game. But it gave the opportunity for Shania, for example, to come on and show us what she’s got. She’s a baby, she’s going to grow in her trade but the most exposure we can give to her then it’s brilliant and she scored her first goal today which is a wonderful thing for her.

“But Lucy Staniforth is the reason I signed her was for moments like that because she has unbelievable quality. We just have to make sure it’s consistent and she can be one of the very best.”