The Academy at Birmingham City FC has a clear aim of providing a place to pursue and achieve success through a first class coaching environment for all the young players registered in its system. Through a clearly defined strategy, strong culture and age specific coaching curriculum the Academy staff will utilise all available resources to progress players through the development phases and meet its purpose.

To produce players able to meet the criteria for First Team professional football at Birmingham City.

The Club’s vision and strategy centre around, providing a first class coaching environment for all of the young players registered in its system. Creating, maintaining and driving a culture of learning and development for players and staff ensuring it is found within the fabric of all operations.

Creating an environment geared to the early recruitment of players through our Pre Academy programme. Providing an authentic childhood experience in an elite setting. Developing a cohesive development strategy for players in the professional development phase it is our vision that players unable to meet the 1st Team criteria will find opportunity in the other tiers of professional football.
Producing well-rounded, well-educated and respectful individuals capable of pursuing a successful non-playing career whether it is within or outside of the football industry through a holistic approach. Providing an inclusive environment for all players and their families. Developing and maintaining high standards in all aspects of our work.

We aim to develop and refine the culture at Birmingham City Football Academy through the management, club personnel, players and parents. Through a collective process it is our responsibility to provide the appropriate environment presenting the best possible platform for our young players to achieve success. A strong culture and values will differentiate our programme from other providers.

At the Academy we provide an environment that represents excellence whilst demanding high standards at all times. Everyone at the Academy is expected to show honesty, hard work and commitment in all aspects of their work.

Committed to inspiring talented players & exceptional people.  

Our Player Care department ensures that all players within each phase, have support from all staff inclusive of access to The Club Safeguarding Manager. Our Player Welfare team is comprised of a group of Designated Safeguarding Officers, including: Head of Education, Education Officer, Head of Player Care, Safeguarding & Player Care Officer and Psychologist.

The Player Care team operate an open door policy when at the academy which is for use by players, staff and host families who may need support, advice, guidance or mentoring to enhance their experience, ability and well-being.

At Birmingham City Academy we expect all key stakeholders to adhere to a relevant code of conduct. You can find copies of the codes of conducts for our players, parents and staff below. All visitors will also be provided with a code of conduct when signing in at reception.

You can view our Player Code of Conduct here:
Foundation Phase
Youth Development Phase

You can view our Parent Code of Conduct here.
You can view our Staff Code of Conduct here.
You can view our Players Behaviour Policy here.

The Club recognise that positive mental health and wellbeing are essential to the development of thriving and successful players. It is therefore vital to our aims as an organisation that we provide high quality mental health and wellbeing support.

You can view our Player Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy here

We are dedicated to developing the full potential of every young person in an environment of co-operation where all members of the Club treat each other with respect and courtesy; and we are committed to preventing bullying in all its forms.

You can view our Anti-Bullying Policy here.

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