National Citizen Service (NCS)

NCS is the Government’s flagship youth programme and the fastest-growing youth movement in the UK, today. It is a once-in-a-lifetime personal and social development opportunity for young people aged 15-17, regardless of background, ethnicity, and ability.

The NCS experience gives participants the opportunity to develop a clearer idea of what they want their future to look like, whilst learning about their local community and their place within it. NCS helps to shape great citizens of the future – and a society that is more responsible, more empowered and more positively engaged than ever before

Taking place in summer and autumn, NCS has a core focus on building confidence, resilience and teamworking skills, as well as laying the building blocks to a successful life in work and adulthood. It also creates opportunities to meet new people, take on amazing challenges, and make a difference to the local community through social action.

Since operating its first pilot in 2019, BCFC Community Trust have become established as a lead partner in the delivery of NCS in the south of the city. It is now contracted to work with over 11 local secondary schools and colleges, with subscriptions to programme coming from a suite of year-round NCS school engagement and recruitment events.

Recruitment for our summer programme starts in January 2022. To find out more and to sign up online, go to: or contact

Phase 1: Be Epic Young people will spend 3 days (3 nights) on an overnight residential at an outdoor activity site, undertaking a range of teambuilding activities and outdoor challenges. This part of NCS is designed to test young people’s resilience and ability to work as part of a team. They will learn about themselves by facing fears and overcoming new challenges.

Phase 2: Live Life This part of NCS runs during the remaining 2 days (1 night) of the residential week. It is designed to develop independence and responsibility. The focus will be on developing life skills, such as confidence, leadership, and communication, through a schedule of engaging workshops and thought-provoking sessions.

Phase 3: Do Good Phase 3 takes place back in the local area at a local venue and is non-residential. Staff and teams complete 30 hours of social action over the duration of the week (Monday-Friday; between 9:30am-4pm). NCS participants bring together their experiences and new skills to design and deliver a bespoke social action project that benefits the local community in some way, shape, or form.

Phase 4: Go Party In the first part of Phase 4, young people will come back together a few weeks after the finish of their programme to celebrate and reflect on their NCS achievements – and take time to consider the inspirational work they have done within the community. Teams will make presentations and all young people will be awarded their NCS certificates for their outstanding efforts.

Phase 4: Do More As an extension of Phase 4, new NCS graduates will have the opportunity to step up to become NCS Changemakers. They will have the opportunity to meet throughout the year to do more social action, help develop the direction of NCS, and develop additional skills. Young people can choose to make use of a series of pathways that enable them to become NCS advocates within their schools, leaders of the future, or even the skills that are needed to join the NCS workforce.

NCS Autumn programmes are a traditional scaled-down model of the flagship summer programme, and are aimed at Year 12 pupils, or their equivalent college peers. It is usually offered as a bespoke ‘College Model’ programme, where schools and colleges are given the opportunity to offer an NCS programme to a specific class, course cohort, or year group. In this instance, the school or college can choose whether to run the programme during term time hours, or not.

It can also be offered by local delivery partners as an open access model, with recruitment pooled from a variety of schools, in similar fashion to summer. In this instance, it will commence in the half-term holiday period, with Phase 3: Do Good social action hours taking place after school time.

The autumn programme runs for equivalent of 2 weeks and follows the same phases as summer. However, there are a few minor differences:

  • Phases 1 and 2 take place over 6 consecutive days (weekend days can be utilised but are not a requirement).
  • NCS Autumn historically offers a 3-day residential for Phase 1 only, with the 3 days of Phase 2 taking place back in the local area or school site. In COVID-19 impacted years, 3 offsite activity day trips have been offered in lieu of residential.
  • Phase 3: Do Good becomes more flexible. The same 30 hours of social action planning and delivery time is completed but may take place at any time up until the Christmas holiday period.

If you are a teacher and are interested in offering an NCS autumn programme in your school, please contact for more information and to arrange an informal discussion.

NCS doesn’t just end with our summer and autumn programmes. If you’re looking for a way to do good in your community, joining Changemakers is for you. You’ll be part of a local group designing and delivering social action projects for your community, on subjects that matter to you. Want to make your CV shine with a bunch of in-demand skills? Build your confidence and meet new people? All while turning your passions into a project that will help your local community thrive? Join Changemakers to get started.

Now more than ever, teamwork makes the dream work. And as the country starts to find a new kind of normal, everyone needs a little extra help, whether that’s physical, mental, emotional, online or offline. By focusing your project in your community, you’ll help the people around you thrive. You’ll get a better understanding of how your community works and what it needs, and create a more positive and sustainable future for everyone.

You’ll also learn a lot about yourself and gain a whole load of skills that’ll boost your personal development (and your CV!) like creativity, leadership, listening, teamwork, planning, problem solving, and project management. You’ll find like-minded people who care about the things you care about, work together and partner with organisations around you, and see your passions turn into action and have a real impact in your local area.

16-17? Interested in joining the crew? Contact for more information about our next Changemakers event.

Skills Booster is a dynamic new addition to the NCS provision and was launched in autumn 2020 in conjunction with the Department for Education, to support schools and colleges with their non-academic curriculum, and to reintegrate students back into society and education during the pandemic. It aims to support teachers in providing high-quality personal development opportunities to young people in their school, to fulfil the obligatory requirements, as set by Ofsted.

Each mini programme is delivered as an NCS sub-contract and involves providing 15 hours of free developmental sessions to each student, delivered over a fully-flexible 1-3 hours (to fit the school timetable) and across a series of core themes.

Session categories have been outlined by the Department for Education to assist with the ‘Catch-Up’ Curriculum and include:

NCS Skills Booster can be used to target and support key groups of learners, such as those who have struggled with transition and those who need supporting due to lost learning. It can also be delivered wholesale to generic class groups.

Sessional packages are chosen by the school, with delivery by the BCFC Community Trust NCS Team at the school itself, between 1 hour – 3 hours in times that are flexible against each school’s curriculum.

Over 60,000 Year 11 and 12 students across more than 500 schools and colleges have already participated in NCS Skills Booster. If you are a teacher and are interested in offering the programme to your school, please contact for more information and to arrange an informal discussion.