Paul Tait joins Blues as Player Mentor

Paul Tait joins Blues as Player Mentor

Blues are delighted to announce that Paul Tait has been appointed as a Player Mentor.

The former Birmingham City midfielder will offer support to players throughout the Club’s teams, taking up this position alongside his work in educational settings and with footballers.

This will see the 50-year-old operate in a mentoring capacity, providing a confidential environment to support players and develop the Club’s Player Care Provision, utilising his own experience of overcoming addiction and trauma.

Tait is a trauma-informed practitioner who is currently working towards being a qualified counsellor.

Speaking to BluesTV about his new role, he explained the value of offering such support to young people and its importance in delivering long-term health.

“Absolutely fantastic to be here. It has been a journey for me, and I am just delighted to be connected with the Club again.

“I am hoping that there is a different voice there for them. They can come to me, I won’t judge them, it is nothing to do with the Club, it is between me and them.

“The pressures on young lads coming through these days are far greater. There is so much pressure, they bring so much baggage with them.

“It is about being proactive rather than reactive. The Club are looking forward now, as many clubs are, to how we can help young players. We always seem to react to a situation, but when you actually speak to a player it could have been nipped in the bud a few months earlier.

“The biggest tool I can do is to listen.”

As a player, he represented Birmingham City on more than 150 occasions and memorably scored the golden goal as Blues beat Carlisle United in the 1995 Auto Windscreens Shields Trophy final at Wembley.

Welcome back, Paul!