Strike A Change

Strike A Change

Make a difference with BCFC Community Trust!

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is a unique opportunity for the young people across the city to learn about commonwealth countries and for the world to see what Birmingham has to offer. The Community Trust is proud to be a part of the Strike a Change programme alongside five other West Midlands football foundations/trusts which is a mentoring programme working towards the Cyrille standard supporting young people to aim high and dream big.

The young people that are chosen are provided with a range of opportunities such as visiting other football stadiums, listening to inspirational speakers and wearing a Blues shirt and competing alongside other foundations/trusts for the Cyrille Regis cup.

Another opportunity that was presented this year was the chance for a young person who was part of the programme to speak to a member of the community from a Commonwealth country and learn about them, their background and what the Commonwealth means to them.

The article and documentary can be viewed here.