Blues happy to be a 'below average' League side

Visitors to St. Andrew's fare even better with the average price per match last season coming in at just £12.01
For the first time, The Football League has revealed the average price paid per paying spectator at matches across its competition.

An analysis of the Official Gate Statements submitted by clubs to The Football League during the 2014/15 season has revealed that the average admission price paid was £14.08 per supporter.

In the Championship the average admission price paid was £15.65, whilst in League 1 and League 2 it was £11.72 and was £11.58, respectively.

But visitors to St. Andrew's fare even better with the average price per match last season coming in at just £12.01.

Blues continue to put in place a range of initiatives to encourage visitors to attend St. Andrew's. These include freezing season ticket prices over the last 
two years and offering thousands of free tickets to the local community through the Grass Roots Ticketing Initiative, which has been widely praised by supporters’ groups.

On a match by match basis, Blues are also extremely competitive with our cheapest single adult ticket (with no deal) priced at £15 this season and our common price range for an adult ticket at £11 - £20.

Club Gate Statements reveal that clubs generated a combined gate revenue of more than £213m last season and sold more than 15.1m tickets.  In addition to, and not included in, the above figures were a further 1.3m free admissions, with the overwhelming majority being young fans that were given the opportunity to experience live football for the first time. 

The figures include the admission costs paid by season ticket holders, non-season ticket holders, supporters in corporate hospitality areas and away fans. It includes those paying adult and concessionary prices.

The Football League's Chief Executive, Shaun Harvey said: “These figures show that, on the whole, Football League clubs continue to offer value for money to their supporters.

“Ticket pricing will always be an emotive subject and any debate about whether fans are getting a good deal clearly has to take account of what fans are paying across the board rather than purely focusing on selected prices that they could be asked to pay in certain circumstances.

"Clubs offer a wide variety of ticket prices with the best value being offered to those home fans that commit to purchasing a season ticket or benefiting from a ticket promotion. As a result, season ticket holders now make up a greater proportion of crowds and account for 10 million of the 16 million plus admissions to Football League matches every season. 

"The inevitable consequence of offering such good value to these fans at one end of the spectrum is that those fans at the other end, such as those paying on the day for a single match, will be asked to pay more.”