Download the Blues Hive app today!

Do you get frustrated by a lack of connectivity inside football stadiums? Well those days are about to end.

Blues Hive is much more than a free, bespoke app that brings you the latest news from inside the St. Andrew’s camp – it creates a network with other users to allow you access inside stadiums.

Software developed by the TribeHive team at the University of Sussex improves connectivity in a stadium by building a network directly between smart phones and sharing updates to the app. As a result, you can catch up on the latest news, live scores and stats and send and receive tweets while watching the match. The more fans who download, the better the app will be.

What’s more, you’ll still be able to use the app for all your Blues news away from the stadium on a non-matchday.

The app – part of a Football League trial involving a select group of clubs –was formally launched at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London last year and can be yours today by following these simple steps:

-    Head to the Apple App Store HERE or Google Play HERE.

-    Download the app for free.

-    Encourage your fellow Bluenoses to do the same.

-    Stay on top of all of the latest news while watching the match.

Don’t forget to send us your feedback by clicking on the settings tap in the Blues Hive app.