Reaction: Brighton & Hove Albion 2 Blues 1

Gary Rowett on Blues performance . . . 
"You know Brighton are going to cause you some problems. They did in the first-half in particular.
"I spoke to our defensive lads, our full-backs, we need to be better than that one versus one.
"March gave them some impetus and we had to stop them down the sides.
"In all fairness we showed a lot of character and kept going.
"But if you look at their two goals we have to defend better than that, we have got to stop giving silly goals away.
"After that, when we got our defensive structure right, we broke and were very, very dangerous.
"When we passed the ball we passed it well, we got into some good positions. It was just the finish we lacked.
"Jon Toral had a wonderful chance first-half. He got himself half a yard, like he so often does, and you'd fancy him to bury that in the bottom corner.
"Second-half we gave ourselves an absolute mountain to climb. We gave the ball away three or four times in the build up to their second goal. We allowed them to put us under pressure, they ended up 
"After that, once again, we played well. We switched it, went 4-3-3, with 25 minute to go and pinned them right in, had all of the ball and you know they are going to be a threat on the counter.
"Then, stoppage-time, Stockdale makes a world class save from Dave Davis, in the final seconds, which denied us a point.
"A lot of people would say on reflection of our determination and willingness, the character we showed, we probably deserved that."

Gary Rowett on James Vaughan and the change of system that put Brighton on the back foot . . . 
"We got a little bit higher, we pressed them more, which is something we have looked at. 
"James Vaughan came on, he did really well. He's not 6ft 5in tall but I will tell you what, he is excellent in the air and didn't lose a header. He was really, really bright.
"Dave Davis was unlucky not to start. I just felt I wanted a bit more control in there and also he was on four bookings as well.
"Maikel Kieftenbeld, first-half, I thought was as good as anyone on the pitch.
"When Dave came on he did very well and that was as good a save as you will see from him right at the end.
"Listen, I thought we played well. Our character was excellent. I am disappointed with the result but I have said to the players that I can be proud of the way they performed against a very good side.
"We plugged away and for our endeavours probably deserved something."

Gary Rowett on his frustrations during the game . . . 
"The big frustration for me, one I was getting would up about, is that I felt there was such inconsistency in the decision-making.
"March has gone down four or five times, really easily, and as soon as one of our players does similar we play on. Nicolai Brock-Madsen gets fouled, we play on, we don't get any sort of advantage.
"Maikel Kieftenbeld tugs someone slightly in the middle of the park and with inside 20 seconds theyellow card comes out.
"And with 20 minutes to go the time-wasting started. At one point Stockdale ran 20 yards outside his box to remonstrate with a defender, purposely so he could walk back and really slow things before a goal kick. 
"And he also told the ball boy to drop the ball when he was going to give it him back.
"I'm not blaming him, we'd probably do the same, I just think the referee allowed that to happen. It's not so much the lost time but the loss of momentum when you are pinning them in and trying to get 
the equaliser."

Gary Rowett on Blues league position . . . 
"We are disappointed with our recent points tally. Not about the way we have played, we have done OK.
"To still be sitting six after 18 games is a big positive.
"We have come a long way and to be disappointed, a bit frustrated, shows the levels we have got to.
"I don't think we're that far away from the five teams above us.
"I just think it's that extra bit of quality, that extra bit of savvy occasionally. But we are not a million miles away."

Gary Rowett on the loan window . . . 
"Frustration, yes, because we couldn't get them (certain players in). But it certainly wasn't due to finances that stopped us.
"Like I have said before, the Club have been really strong in trying to back us.
"Panos Pavlakis went to Hong Kong the other week to meet the investors out there, TTA, and we got a really positive response from them.
"We have got to work  incredibly hard now to get us through to that January window as close to, if not in, the top six, then we can hopefully really kick on."