Boss looking forward to a productive training camp

A 22-man squad, along with the associated backroon staff, fly out to Spain on Monday for a six-day trip to the Marbella Football Centre - a venue which they also visited last year.

"If I look at last season we had a really productive trip there," said the Blues boss.

"The players worked really hard and your focus can be completely on tactics and the technical work.

"For me that week is about the grounding of how we’re going to play and what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do things.

"It’s a perfect one to reinforce that. You get time to spend with the players.

"There are also a lot of things off the training pitch. We’ll have two or three meetings about really important things, where we’ve got a captive audience with the lads."

As was the case 12 months ago, Blues will not play any competitive games during the trip, as Rowett explains: "I’ve always found that week to be perfect.

"A lot of the continental teams do it where they go away for the first couple of weeks and do a lot of the physical work and then perhaps go away later and play some games.

"In an ideal world that’s what we’d do. and perhaps in some ways we’ve tried to fit the Hibernian game (24 July) into that, so maybe one or two of the fans can have a little weekend in Edinburgh, which
hopefully they’ll enjoy and look at it that way.

"But certainly in terms of Spain, we can go out there and the weather is not going to be about minus two which it seemed like this morning, so we can get some really good work in and some sun on our backs and prepare as we want to prepare."